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Chapter One

A messy-haired girl was walking on the street, her pose seducing and her eyes were twinkling in anticipation. Her red lipstick smeared around her lips to her cheek. She was wearing a miniskirt that hung so low on her hips and a black, glittery top, showing her pierced belly button. She was walking towards a boy who was standing under a lamppost.

"Gary..." she whispered the name, her breath caressing his lips.

The boy, Gary, merely twitched his eyebrow. "Got your money?" he asked coldly. "Mother's waiting for that."

She smiled, her hand scratching her blonde hair, messing it more. "Why do always ask that?" she said, her voice slurring from the vast amount of alcohol she had consumed.

"Why don't we just go down to business?"

Gary didn't say anything, obviously knew what she meant with 'business'. She pouted, and the ugliness of her face increased tenfold. He was going to comment on her face, but suddenly he saw her eyes twinkled in amusement and he couldn't hold his laugh. The formerly serious, seductive scene changed at that exact time.


Gary and the girl looked at the camera, and the couple looked at the frustrated looking middle-aged man, who apparently was trying not to eat his red hat. He looked at them, his entire body filled with exasperation.

"How many times I need to tell you two?!" he asked frustratingly at the still giggling couple on the scene. "This is not the time you two to laugh!"

The girl stopped laughing the first, and she tugged at the boy's arm. "G-T, stop making yourself look stupid."

The boy, G-T, stopped laughing eventually. "Sorry, Sir!" he said. "My first movie, remember?"

The director merely scowled and told them to do another take. They obeyed, and after repeating the scene once again, G-T was able to do the entire scene without laughing all the way.


After an exhausting day of shooting, G-T was allowed to go home. But he didn't really feel like to go home, so he decided to spend his time resting in his trailer. He opened his blue cap and ruffled his messy, chestnut curls he called his hair.

The trailer wasn't that big, of course, but G-T liked being here the most. Unlike some of his friends, and many guys on every side of this world, he couldn't play guitars so he didn't have one. He didn't feel like learning to play himself, after all. He was a mediocre piano player but it was enough for him.

G-T—that's the name he's most well-known of—changed his shirt and sat down on the floor. He liked sitting down on the floor. The trailer floor wasn't cold like the one in his house, but he liked it nonetheless.

He took a teen magazine—TeenTV's the name, apparently—onto his lap and stared at the cover. His own face stared back at him. G-T shook his head and opened the magazine, reluctant to see his own face on the covers. He smiled in satisfaction when he saw his favourite band won another prestigious award. He frowned when he read about his fellow actor's breakup. He shook his head in exasperation when he saw a certain article.

G-T and Katya, Best Couple!!!

G-T rolled his eyes. He still disliked what the media called him. Everything, even the good names they had given him. Even though he hated the article, but he was drawn to read it, wondering what they had written about him and his girlfriend's relationship.

G-T and Katya, Best Couple!!!

Who doesn't know Gabriel Terrence 'G-T' Chapin? Who doesn't know Tanya Katherine 'Katya' Jablonski? Especially if you're a TV shows fan. They met as fellow actor and actress in the famous teenage serial movie 'Boundaries' as cousins. Who knew that love had blossomed between them at that time?

G-T, who has starred in Boundaries as Paul Jefferson, an adorable but frustrated young lad, was seen in the last Platinum TV Award 2012 with Katya in tow. He was nominated as the Best Actor and Katya was nominated as the Best Supporting Actress for her role as a snarky Gina Kelley in Boundaries.

Look at them. Nobody would deny who adorable they are.

According to an anonymous source, they will be engaged once they've turned of age. When TeenTV asked Katya about her relationship between her shooting in her new TV show 'The Parody', she merely blushed and said nothing but we all know what she meant, right? So, let's hope for any good news from them.

G-T and Katya are separating ways after Boundaries ended. G-T has accepted his first movie role (unfortunately the title hasn't been announced yet) as Gary Jordan, a pimp's son who's in love with one of his mother's escorts. And as we all know, Katya has starred as Margaret, a parody fan, in the TV show 'The Parody'.

After finishing reading the article and saw the pictures those people had put on there, G-T let out a bitter laugh. They'd gotten it wrong again. Katya and he weren't just 'fellow actor and actresses'.  Katya was his childhood friend. He knew her inside out and she knew him that much as well. Media would never get that information.

Hey, engagement? G-T sighed. Katya always loved publicity, so much unlike him.

He sighed again and shook his head in exasperation. He closed the magazine and took his bag. He didn't really want to go home now, and needed something to write on. Oh yes, he was a writer. Who would have guessed? Nobody knew that, not even Katya, and he bet all his family fortune that those paparazzi would like finding water in the desert when they knew his penname. Nobody judged him because he hid below his penname, nobody would recognise him.

He pulled out his laptop, and turned it on in a second. After he could connect to the internet, he logged into his account and saw some new comments in his new chaptered story. He wasn't surprised when he saw more critics than praises. Well, he still needed to learn, after all. He replied his thanks to the reviews and did some explanations to people who asked about some plot holes.

G-T closed the tabs and started to write the new chapter. He had gone through a thousand words when something popped out in his message box.

(1) unread message.

He clicked it open, and the words he read made colour drained out his face.

I know who you are.
So, this is the start of my project novel. I've written 4 chapters in this, and I think I'll write more. I don't know if I want to post more here, but I don't think the 'teaser' will go more than this chapter. This is not the complete chapter either, I want to test the water first :D

About The Alternative, I actually haven't thought of better title. Yet. :)
This is a... well, sci-fi?... story. G-T, the main character, meets a boy named Efar who's apparently from the future. Mark my word, apparently. ;)

Feel free to give critics and reviews! I need them more to improve myself. Thank you.

The Alternative (c) me
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